Lightpainting @ILLUviSIONI

A new lightpainting live performance during ILLUviSIONI Exhibition at Camerata Picena (AN) Italy on september the 21st 2013
ILLUviSIONI ART HUMAN DREAM 4 is an artistic project by Roberta Conti & William Vecchietti at his 4th edition. This year the exhibition is locat ed in a former elementary school and collects twelwe artists: street artists, photographers, performers and so on
ILLUviSIONI is a new word that merges Illusions with Visions
… The reality does not exist, this is a huge illusion, which everyone creates according to his own imagination and his desire …
Take a look at the gallery.

lightpainter: William Vecchietti (aka yapwilli)
photo: Giulio Garavaglia (aka garagolo)
the book @
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About signesdelumiere

Signes de lumière is a light painting project by Giulio Garavaglia (garagolo) e William Vecchietti (yapwilli)
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