En attendant Off de Boutographies – Marko 93

Durante il vernissage della nostra esposizione a “Off de Boutographies” sarà proiettato il video “Paris by light” dell’artista Marko93, figura emblematica del graffitismo francese. Dall’hip hop ai graffiti il passo è breve: le sue tag incorporano i segni astratti della calligrafia araba inventando un suo stile riconoscibile denominato “Kalligrafitism”. Nel 1999 scopre il light painting che diventa terreno della sua ricerca espressiva, dalle foto alla video animazione. Giappone, Marocco, Egitto, Cambogia, Cina, Mongolia, e in tutta Europa … ogni luogo è l’occasione per incontrare altri artisti con i quali condividere, scambiare e creare nuovi progetti. “Paris by Light”, realizzato da Mehdi Idir di Manifeste Productions e Marko93 è un video diventato ormai punto di riferimento per chi è appassionato della tecnica del light painting. Nel maggio 2010 Marko sbarcherà oltreoceano per il progetto Texas by light

In the preview of our exhibition in Montpellier a video by a french light artist will be show “Paris by light” by an emblematic French graffiti artist, Marko-93 largely contributed to making graffiti enter the world of contemporary art

In 1988, Marko-93 embraces hip hop and is quickly attracted to graffiti, which is strongly influenced by American styles at the time. In 1994, he starts incorporating abstract Arab calligraphy to his graffitis and tags. He carves his caps like calligraphers carve their calams to oroduce upstrokes and down strokes. A style he names Kalligraffism, for which he becomes famous.

Marko-93 discovers light-painting in 1999. It all starts with questions arising from seeing trails of light left by car headlights on a picture: is it possible to control the sources of light and
use it as a paintbrush? Long pause, LED dark
scenery: the basic technique is found, and the possibilities are endless.

With the new millennium, Marko-93 adapts light-painting to video, thereby creating animated images in real time. With the help of engineers, the technique is still evolving. Real
time video light-painting is starting to gather more and more interest as, indeed, the field of new technologies in the arts as a whole continues to grow.
Marko-93 is an artist who has always associated his art with collaborations and new encounters, whether it be for initiating novices or discovering new techniques. Marko loves to travel: Japan, Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, and all around Europe… every place is an opportunity to meet other artists, with whom he shares, exchanges and creates. In may 2010 a new exciting project for Marko: Texas by light

(from Flickr profile page of Marko-93)

light-painting marko-93 - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver


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