Signes de lumiere on Artaq bookzine!

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The book presents the works of the winners and the nominees of the Artaq Awards, the urban arts contest organized by Artaq. This contest rewards the artists most representative of the evolution of the street art and the urban arts in 5 categories : Graffiti-Painting-Collage / Sculpture / Digital Art / Photo / In situ-performances. The works are those of 108 artists come from the whole world (Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Congo, Ecuador, Spain, France, Great Britain, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, …)
The 192 pages book contains:
A text by Joseph Olesczinski and Jean Pierre Plundr about the evolution from Street Art to Urban Arts.
The works of Faucheur,Titi from Paris, Mimi the clown, FKDL, vErbo, Jef Aerosol, CharlElie, Popay, …
The performances realized during the Artaq Festival with photos of Didier Laget, Jean-Patrice Campion, Naser Hadjerci

On 135 pages, the pictures of the awarded artists and of the nominees of the Artaq Awards.

Inside some photos by yapwilli and garagolo nominee for light graff.

To order the book click here


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