light man dance



Passetto Ancona 2014 signes de lumière

light man dance 

only for “light” fun

by yapwilli & garagolo signes de lumière

at Passetto, Ancona, Italy.


Postcard from Siracusa 2

Postcard from Siracusa 2

Lightpainter : William Vecchietti (Yapwilli)

Photographer: Giulio Garavaglia (Garagolo)

Shot in Piazza Duomo, Siracusa (Italy) 2010

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Dancing and lightpainting

lightpainting dance

Dancing and lightpainting
Photos taken in the live light painting performance during the event Human Dream 3.0 Screaming Silence at Camerata Picena (AN) Italy  the 7th of october 2012
Model: Francesca

photo: Giulio Garavaglia (aka garagolo)
lightpainter: William Vecchietti (aka yapwilli)
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